Gas fireplace installation

Gas fireplaces can wear out with time and use, and the latest models are more efficient and create more attractive and realistic flame. Would like to replace your old gas fireplace with a new model?

Contact me for a clean, professional installation!

I will remove your old fireplace, using the highest standards of care while laying down mats to keep your room absolutely clean.

I will haul away the old fireplace and anything else there that needs to go.  This fireplace was a rusted mess, and look at all those leaves that accumulated right above it!

Here is the new burner assembly, prior to adding sand and the gas logs.

Here is the burner after adding sand and rock wool embers.

All done!  This installation took about 2 hours from start to finish, including removing the old gas fireplace.

You must purchase the equipment prior to installation. I can advise you on the best gas fireplace makes and models.  Typical installation costs ranges from $125 to $250, depending on the fireplace itself and what is required. Contact me for an exact quote.